To the end of the year and the start of bounty hunting season 3

Season 2 has come to a close and we had over 35 bounties claimed and over 170 times bounties beat those hunting them.

Congratulations to Apex who was the most dangerous bounty with 22 wins on his bounty day as well as the top bounty hunter, Pinkamena Diane Pie, who claimed 100 points worth of bounties.

Next season starts this Monday, December 31st at 12:01 AM and ends January 6th at midnight. Be sure to check the bounty board to find out who you’re hunting to have a chance at winning the Corsair pilot’s costume.

Alternatively to sign up to be a bounty head and have your chance at winning a Boiler Room engineer’s costume click over here.

Version 1.1.2 (The “Christmas Update”) Is Here!

Whether you've been naughty or nice, we got you a gift!

Version 1.1.2 arrives today! There’s so much to tell you about in this one, we hardly know where to begin. Let’s just get right to the release notes!

– Free winter holiday costume items: “Goggles of Good Cheer” and “Jolly Old Salt”
– New gun: Lumberjack Heavy Mortar
– New map: Canyon Ambush
– Fallen Hero Cap (free item for original Guns of Icarus players)
– New costume items in the store (21 in all — 4 costumes, 7 goggles, and 10 hats)

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A Very Muse Holiday Party

Last Friday was our annual office holiday party, with the traditional Glühwein brewed in our old water kettle with mulled wine, spices, orange, and rum, a table piled high with cookies and snacks, and a rowdy and contentious poker game that lasts long into the night (just a normal Friday, then). But this year we also had a Thieving Secret Santa game! And a tree!

A very Muse holiday tree

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The victors of season one and the start of season two

Top Bounty Hunter: Season One

We’d like to congratulate everyone who took part in season one of bounty hunting.  We got to watch some great hunts and see players at their best.  Hats off to RearAdmiralZill, Lord Dick Tim, CarnageJPN, and Morbie for escaping the bounty hunters.

The top three bounty hunters were CarnageJPN with 90 points, Memory with 115, and Squash taking home the free item with 120.

Season two is starting on the 17th and a lot of players had some great input in what they’d like to see and we’ve taken that to heart.  Every day at midnight PST we’ll post the names of six or seven players on the bounty board.

Any player can take a screenshot of them defeating a bounty in a round, email it to,  and get 10 points.  Every player can claim each bounty once.  The person with the highest score can choose any non-holiday item in the store.

As for the bounties, the player who scores the most wins on their day of being a bounty becomes the “most dangerous bounty” for the season and also gets their choice of item.

The bounty board can be found here.

If you’d like to sign up to be a bounty head next season be sure to sign up here.

Contest time, GoI Fans!

We’re holding a screenshot contest from now till Monday December 17th to see your best screenshots in these categories:

  • 3rd Person (Show us you doing your best at the helm, at the guns or keeping your ship from falling apart from a 3rd person perspective.)
  • Spectator Mode (Be the guy on the sidelines that catches the best shots from the best matches.)
  • Captain and Crew (Gives us a screenshot that shows off the captain and crew of your ship at their best.)
  • Fjords (Show us your best screenshots set in the new map, Fjords.)
  • Free-For-All (Show us your best screenshot of whatever suits your aviator fancy.)

Email your entries to with the subject line “GoI Screenshot Contest” and let us know in the email which categories you’re submitting your screenshots for. There is a limit of 2 screenshots per category. On Monday, all the entries will be posted on the Guns of Icarus Online Facebook page, and voting begins, where Likes will be counted for your votes. The Muse Team will then judge the top-voted screenshots in each category to decide the winners.
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Version 1.1.1 now on steam

The freezes are over

A charity update! We’ve raised another $600 and donated it to NY Cares for Hurricane Sandy Relief.  Thank you guys so much for being amazing!

We’ve also been nominated for an award, the Game Connection Selected Project.

Now down to the nitty-gritty for you guys.

– Fixed friend list, both state and updates (it now updates in real time!)
– Match end freeze is resolved
– Ship-customization freeze is fixed
– Connecting players are shown in pre-match lobby views
– Prompts for voice chat in chat box
– Resolved a major memory leak