Screenshot Competition is Running!

Some awesome stuff to vote on!

We’re running a fan screenshot competition for various prizes like copies of our game, soundtrack, and in-game costumes!!  You can vote for your favorite screenshots in three categories by giving them a Facebook Like!

  1. Explosions
  2. Scenery
  3. Ships

Check the Facebook albums out and drop some Likes!

Beta 4 Details


We apologize for the lag.  We’re testing new servers and there are  lot more players this weekend than ever.  A lot problems seen are most likely due to lag issues (guns not reloading, not respawning, etc) — 6/23/1:01am EST

Alright people, you know the drill!  Servers open at 12pm EST on June 22nd.  They’ll go back down at 11:50pm EST on June 24th.  Make sure you cancel your dates, dinners, cruises and other social events to get some good ol’ airship time in 😀

Report your bugs to GetSatisfaction.  A few notes on that though.

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It’s Level Design Time

Introduction of clouds has augmented gameplay a large amount, the white rectangles are clouds 😛

With a lot of the technical aspects of the game reaching stability, it’s now time that we spend more time developing content.  And because  these technical things have been fixed and streamlined, content can just basically happen now.

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